How to Install Windows 7 in VirtualBox within Ubuntu 12.04

This short tutorial shows you how to install Windows 7 inside VirtualBox within Ubuntu 12.04. Running Windows in VirtualBox is ideal if you still have to use it to run a few programs you're unable to run under Linux, its a lot quicker than dual having to mess around rebooting and booting into Windows.

1:33 Virtual Machine Setup
5:02 Windows Installation
6:14 Install Guest Additions
8:22 Setup Share Folder with Host OS
9:31 Registration

System Requirements:
- At least a Dual Core / Dual Threaded CPU
- Conclusion: Even a two year old netbook can run a Guest OS with VirtualBox ;-)

Virtualbox Installation Instructions for Ubuntu:

Windows 7 ISO files can be found via Torrent or Usenet. Registration programs can be found by searching for "windows loader mydigitallife"