Dad and Mum try Ubuntu 14.10: Can a total computer noob use Linux?

Can a total computer noob use Linux? Ubuntu is a popular distro for beginners however what happens when you throw a computer illiterate non-linux user into it. Check out this video to see the results!

Diana started off barely knowing how to use a computer but now after trying over 70 different operating systems she has become quite competent within a huge variety of desktop environments. Ben on the other hand is even worse than Diana was when she first started. Each task even on his native Mac computer is a struggle for him.

Tasks Given:
1. Log in
2. What time is it?
3. Display the date with the time
4. Write, save, open and delete a text document.
5. Browse the internet
6. Add a program to the dock
7. Calculate 54 x 5.
8. Change the Desktop background
9. Change the size of the dock
10. Draw a picture with a program from the Ubuntu Software Centre
11. Turn off the computer

The mother in this video uses Windows 8.0 (2012) as her main os however she has installed the classic shell due to her Metro Hate. Would you like to see her try out Linux, Mac, Windows or other operating systems through history such as FenOS (2014)? Then give your suggestions in the comments section. Give this video lots of likes, views, favorites and comments if you want my mum to try out other operating systems. I am open to any operating system suggestions you give especially if these videos go semi-viral (over 100,000 views). This channel is dedicated to me "introducing" people (mum, dad, me) to different operating systems they have never used before and leaving them to suffer in confusion struggling to do anything in an unknown computer environment... or see if these other operating systems are better than Microsoft Windows.

The father in this video uses Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite? on an early 2009 macbook white 13 inch. He only uses his computer to read emails and watch youtube videos. He doesn't know the first thing about operating systems.