7 Things to do After Installing Ubuntu 12.04

Tutorial of seven things to do after Installing Ubuntu 12.04

  1. Change Update Server and Run Updates: Speed up your downloads and get your system up-to-date
  2. Install Proprietary Drivers: e.g. nVidia / AMD ATI Graphics Card, Wireless network, TV Cards, etc...
  3. Install Proprietary Codecs: To Play Adobe Flash Videos, MP3 Audio, MP4 Videos, and a few other codecs
  4. Customise Desktop with MyUnity: Allows you to easily customise your desktop to change transparency settings, launcher size, and icon theme.
  5. Set Keyboard Shortcuts: Bring back familiar Windows shortcuts such as Win+E for Home Folder (Nautilus File Manager) and Ctrl+Alt+Del to open System Monitor
  6. Enable Privacy Settings: Prevent history being recorded for certain File Types, Folders, or Applications.
  7. Setup Ubuntu One Cloud Storage: Gives you 5Gb of online storage for free. Great for getting same configuration between different computers. Ubuntu One can synchronise between Windows, iPhone, and Android Smart Phones