3 games that are fun to play on your Ubuntu phone! Demo on a Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition.

Are you want of the lucky persons to have an Ubuntu phone? The you might enjoy to play one of these games which are especially fun to play on an Ubuntu phone.

1. Tux Race
Tux Racer is a free software 3D computer game starring the Linux mascot, Tux the penguin. In the game, the player controls Tux (or one of three other characters) as he slides down a course of snow and ice collecting herring. Sliding on ice makes Tux go faster, while sliding on snow allows for more maneuverability and sliding on rocky patches will slow Tux down. There are also trees to block Tux's path and flags for the sake of marking out the course.

2. Sprint Club Nitro
Race your way to the top of the Sprint Club. This game is an arcade style 3D racing game with 9 increasingly challenging levels across 3 different landscapes. You race among 20 cars to the finish collecting nitro boosts to overtake. Spend your race winnings on upgrades to improve the car - from better grip and higher top speeds to longer nitro boosts! The game also saves your progress for future plays.

3. Machines vs Machines
A classic tower defense game for Ubuntu. Stop the invading robots before they reach the heart of your territory by building towers to shoot them down. Fight your way through 30 tricky levels, collecting stars to unlock more powerful defense towers.