Use gscan2pdf as Paperport equivalent in Ubuntu 14.04/16.04/18.04

Many people use the Windows application Paperport (Scansoft) to scan documents and books as ebooks in pdf format. Thus I frequently was asked how one can get the same functionality within Ubuntu.

There are two main possibilities:

  1. You can use WineHQ or VirtualBox to install and run Paperport within Ubuntu. In my experience you can run Paperport that way, but you often encounter problems related to the communication with the scanner and to certain advanced functions that don't work properly
  2. You can use the Ubuntu application gscan2pdf . Although not all the functions of Paperport are available, this is a very nice application to scan documents and books as pdf. If you want to tailor the scanned pages you can use the Ubuntu application Scan Tailor. Both gscan2pdf and Scantailor are not installed by default and have to be installed from the software repository. For OCR processing you can use gscan2pdf or OCRFeeder).