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How to run Ubuntu 12.04/10 or 10.04/10 on old computers with (very) limited resources

If you have an old desktop or laptop computer with (very) limited resources and you update to the newest Ubuntu releases you might realize that your computer is very slow. This is because Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 or 13.04/13.10 uses much more resources than previous releases. This howto shows you how you can tweak your computer to run Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 or 10.04/10.10 smoothly on computers with (very) limited resources.

Xfce lightweight Desktop Environment

How to install Huawei E173 Usb Modem in Ubuntu

Instructions how to install the Huawei E173 Usb Modem Data Card 3G 7.2Mbps on Ubuntu 10.04/12.04 LTS

Huawei E173 Usb Modem
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