How to type Sinhala in Ubuntu

Instructions how to prepare your computer to type Sinhala and how to use your keyboard to do so.

Step 1: 
Enable IBus

System > Administration > Language Support Under "Keyboard input method system" choose ibus

Step 2: 
Add Sinhala Wijesekera to iBus

System Preferences> IBus Preferences ibus-setup Choose the tap "Input Method" Press "Select an input method" and choose "Sinhala; Sinhalese" and "Wijesekera-preedit" (or any other preferred input system) Press "Add" and "Close"

Step 3: 
Typing in Sinhala

If you want to type in Sinhala switch to "Sinhala; Sinhalese Wijesekera" (keyboard sign; usually on right top) and use the following layout