How to type Pali Language in Ubuntu 12.04

Instructions how to prepare your computer to type Pali and how to use your keyboard to do so.

Step 1: 
Enable iBus

From Menu, System -> Administration -> Language Support Under "Keyboard input method system" choose ibus

Step 2: 
Create a new input method file for transliteration

Open the terminal and execute the following command to create a new file called sa-translit.mim

gksudo gedit /usr/share/m17n/sa-translit.mim

Copy and paste the following content into the file and save it, before closing:

;;; sa-translit.mim
;;; Input method for Sanskrit transliteration using the ITRANS scheme.

(input-method t sa-translit)

(title "sa-translit")


("aa" "ā")
("AA" "Ā")
("ii" "ī")
("II" "Ī")
("uu" "ū")
("UU" "Ū")
(".r" "ṛ")
(".R" "Ṛ")
(".rr" "ṝ")
(".RR" "Ṝ")
(".l" "ḷ")
(".L" "Ḷ")
(".ll" "ḹ")
(".LL" "Ḹ")
(".M" "ṁ")
(".m" "ṃ")
(".h" "ḥ")
(".H" "Ḥ")
(";n" "ṅ")
(";N" "Ṅ")
("~n" "ñ")
("~N" "Ñ")
(".t" "ṭ")
(".T" "Ṭ")
(".d" "ḍ")
(".D" "Ḍ")
(".n" "ṇ")
(".N" "Ṇ")
(";s" "ś")
(";S" "Ś")
(".s" "ṣ")
(".S" "Ṣ")


Step 3: 
Add Sa-translit to IBus

Select System > Preferences > IBus Preferences from the Menu Choose the "Input method" tab, select the "Other" category and choose "sa-translit". Click " Add" and then "Close"

Step 4: 
Typing Pali

If you want to type in Pali switch to "Other - sa-translit (m17n)" (keyboard sign, typically on top right) and use the following key combinations:


aa = ā
AA = Ā
ii = ī
II = Ī
uu = ū
UU = Ū
.r = ṛ
.R = Ṛ
.rr = ṝ
.RR = Ṝ
.l = ḷ
.L = Ḷ
.ll = ḹ
.LL = Ḹ
.M = ṁ
.m = ṃ
.h = ḥ
.H = Ḥ
;n = ṅ
;N = Ṅ
~n = ñ
~N = Ñ
.t = ṭ
.T = Ṭ
.d = ḍ
.D = Ḍ
.n = ṇ
.N = Ṇ
;s = ś
;S = Ś
.s = ṣ
.S = Ṣ