How to make the background of logo, image, picture, etc. transparent in Ubuntu using GIMP

Instructions how to remove the background from a logo, image, picture, etc. in Ubuntu 10.04/12.04 using the GIMP Image Editor.

Step 1: 
Start GIMP and open File

If not yet installed, go to the "Ubuntu Software Center", search for "GIMP Image Editor" and install it. Start the "GIMP Image Editor" and open the File.

Step 2: 
Choose the "Fuzzy Select Tool"

Choose the "Fuzzy Select Tool" from the Toolbox. In the default view the icon on the middle top of the Toolbox.

Step 3: 
Select, Invert and Cut the Selection

Select the area you want to make transparent by clicking on it Choose "Select" > "Invert" from the Menu Choose "Edit" > "Cut" from the Menu

Step 4: 
Paste the cut part of the Image into a new file and save it

Choose "Edit" > "Paste as" > "New Image" from the Menu Choose "File" > "Save as" from the Menu